ECLT in Malawi 2016-2017

ECLT in Malawi

ECLT is committed to fight child labour in Tanzania.

  • 7 projects
  • 4 districts
  • 7 704 529 USD invested
  • 14 years of intervention
  • 1 national action plan

In 2016 and 2017, we helped

1 586 children

8 197 adults

Access schools, learn about child labour, earn and save money, have clear water, improve nutrition and, generalmy live better.

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Raising awareness

When members of farming communities know about the dangers of child labour, farms often become safer places for everyone.

7321 community members learned about the problems that dangerous and long work pose for children.

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Education that works

Young people in rural communities need skills and innovation so they can work safely and earn money for the lives they want.

237 teenagers graduated from model farm schools

387 teenagers learned better farming practices so they are safer at work

300 children got support to keep them in school, insteadof in fields

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Success story

Now clean water is just down the street
Neema, 12 years old, Sikonge District

How does a water pump help students ?

If there is no safe water nearby, girls often have to walk long distances every day to the nearest well, when they really should be at school.

ECLT installed 26 wells in our projects in Tanzania, ensuring that the whole village has safe water and better sanitation, and giving girls more time for classes.

Neema Portrait
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Reducing poverty

By helping families earn and save more money, we give them the opportunity to send their children to school, not to work.

876 women learned to set up small businesses and village loan groups

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